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[sl] Addendum for slovenian rules

A small addition for Slovenian. It should be added after the rule with id=“BLED”

        <rule id="DUNAJ" name="Nepravilna raba: Dunaj">
            <pattern case_sensitive="yes">
                    <token regexp="yes">[Vv]</token>
                <token regexp="yes">Dunaj.*</token>
            <message>Napačna raba predloga pred krajevnim imenom, pravilno je: <suggestion>na</suggestion> Dunaju!</message>
            <short>Nepravilno: v Dunaj</short>
            <example correction="Na">Novoletni koncert <marker>v</marker> Dunaju</example>

Thanks. Have you checked this with the rule editor? There seems to be a small issue:

Thanks. Now it seems fine.

Thanks, I’ve added the rule now (commit).