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I am currently packaging Fidus Writer for Ubuntu Snapcraft (source). I have most things working, but I’m still unsure about how to deal with the languagetool plugin. I see languagetool has been packaged for snapcraft but it seems to only cover the desktop version. Should I then package the server version in the fiduswriter snap? Or maybe there is no advantage to that and I can just as well run the commandline client from within a thread in the backend of the fiduswriter server? Any other alternative?

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I don’t know about Snapcraft, but using the command-line client is not recommended. It’s quite slow to start up, so having the server running in the background is generally better.

Ok, do we know who the maintainer of the languagetool snap is and why that person decided not to include the server? It seems to be connected to an explanation on this site:

I have now packaged the languagetool server as part of the Fidus Writer snap. If someone some time in the future wants to do a languagetool-server snap, it might help to copy the relevant sections from the Fidus Writer snap: