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[Solved] Check-create rules deal with grammar.xml

Hi, I have installed languagetool via maven.

In the documentation it states that I must edit the grammar.xml in order to add rules.
Since this file doesn’t exist (through maven), I have to create it as I understand and see here.

I downloaded languagetool in order to check the file and I can see that it exists in …/rules/en and also in …/rules/en/en-US.

Which version should I use?
Just copy paste and I will not have a problem?


When using Maven, the grammar rules are in a JAR file, e.g. for English it’s language-en-3.8.jar. But as you’re using Java anyway, I’d suggest you add rules via the API. Use to load your rules and add them using

Can you give me a small example, how to use addRule?

And if I want to edit an already rule, is that possible?And if yes, at which grammar.xml should I search?In /rule/en or in /rule/en/en-US ?

Thank you!

Not via the API, unless you remove the rule and then re-add it maybe (not tested).

en/grammar.xml is used for en-GB and en-US, en-US/grammar.xml is additionally used for en-US.

Ok, can you provide me please with a small example that uses addRule?.
Because I am not sure how to add a rule like this.


Ok, so I must use a custom xml amd add it.Ok.

I thought I had to write java code for the rule.