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[Solved] Discrepancy between LT.jar and LT in LO

Strangely, on languagetoo.jar 3.5, among these

He will not conveys the message.
He can conveys the message.
He will conveys the message.
He would conveys the message.
He should conveys the message.
He cannot conveys the message.
He shall conveys the message.

the first 5 has conveys (rightly) flagged.

But on LO with LT 3.5, only the 1st is flagged. What gives?

Note: I’ve made sure that en\grammar.xml are the same in both.

I cannot reproduce this with LO 4.4. Which version of LO are you using?

LO (64x)

Not sure what I can do, it works for me in that version:

Also due to not having “ngram data”?

Anyway, whatever it was that flagged them, it’s missing out the last 2.

The first five errors are detected here even without the ngram data.

That’s just a case of the rule not being powerful enough I think, not a bug.

I know. Just mentioning it so that they may be included.

Finally got it fixed. Not sure what, but I simply had everything in Grammar enabled. Thanks for your attention anyway. I’ll file an enhancement request in another topic.