[SOLVED] Language Tool does not stay enabled in Libreoffice settings


I am using the standalone server version of the Language Tool. I set it up in a container and accessing it remotely via The server runs well and responds to the test described here. I also followed the instructions here to set it up using with Libreoffice remotely. My problem is Language Tool checkbox under Writing Aids/Available Language Modules does not stay checked/enabled. I tried unchecking the other two options there (Hunspell and Libhyphen) and only keeping Language Tool checked, but it did not make any difference. After the dialog box closes by clicking OK button, and reopened, Language Tool’s checkbox is always unchecked. I would appreciate any help/pointers.

Happy Holidays!

It appears that after closing and reopening Libreoffice Writer, the setting stayed enabled. Thank you developers for this helpful tool! This thread is now solved.