Some Chinese rules not working?

It appears that many of the Chinese rules currently in place are not functioning properly.

For example, I copied the text from the “Incorrect sentences that this rule can detect” line on this page: Rule "恰/洽"

今天要到国际会议中心, 恰 谈一笔户外广告的生意。

and pasted it into the textarea on with the language set to Chinese, and it claims that no errors were found.

I have tried this with a number of the rules on the rule list:

Some work, but many do not.

Is this something that can be fixed? Or are many of these rules currently invalid?

Unfortunately, I don’t read Chinese, so I cannot provide more information than this.


If you remove the space after , the rule will match. This space probably doesn’t belong there. I don’t speak Chinese either, and unfortunately the support for Chinese in LT is not maintained, so I hesitate to make any changes myself.

Thanks for clarifying that. At least now I have text that can be used to confirm that it is working correctly.