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Some easy German verbs are only identified as substantives

I got a problem in the German text analyses. Some easy Words like ‘Haben’, ‘Sehen’ and ‘Gehen’ are only identified as substantives, when they are written with an upper case first letter.
Its really strange, cause they are analyzed correctly as verbs when they are written with lower case letters.

Could you post an example sentence?

Here three sentences as example:
Haben wir ein Problem oder nicht?
Gehen wir oder nicht?
Reden Sie nicht um den heißen Brei herum!

This might have been introduced with the recent updates/extensions of the German dictionary. Could you open a github issue for that? The solution is probably to also look up the lowercase variant of a word at the beginning of a sentence in the POS tagger.

I have just opened an issue. I hope I did it right.