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Space after comma

There is a standard rule that requires this. Why doesn’t it trigger for a semicolon or colon?

Agree with semi-colons, but when colons are used for H:M:S separation, then no spaces should be used at all.

Correct, but that is a simple exception with regexp [0-9]:[0-9]
I assume it could be the reason, like & nbsp ; as a reason for the not triggering for a semicolon; but this tool is supposed to check text, not code. And for this there is also an easy exception possible.

I can easily make this a special rule for Dutch, but since it is language independent and it is a java rule, I am not able to.

I added a rule for this, but there are some issues
@dnaber: Wikipedia data in the test set is full of categorie:woord (which is code, not text)
The antipattern for time does not seem to work, but I am still doing trial and error there.