Spam due to thunderbird extension adding "script" to html source ?

After struggling with some increased SPAM scoring on emails sent, I think the problem was related to LT extension for thunderbird adding a:

<script data-cookieconsent="ignore" src="moz-extension://8225a48f-40fb-495c-bc27-bf22a87dc655/content/executor.js"></script>

to my html source code.

I had to disable extension one by one and performed tests with
Scripts within html always increase spam scoring so if this is truly caused by the extension is a major reason not to use it.

The issue has already been fixed in our code in version 6.2.7, but we are waiting for Thunderbird to review the update for the store (Grammar and Spell Checker — LanguageTool :: Add-ons for Thunderbird).

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Version 6.2.7 is now online, the issue should be solved after an update.