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Spanish and single character "i"

Hi, I need some advice from people speaking Spanish. We have set up Spanish so that the spell checker accepts single characters, e.g. and “a” or “c” somewhere in the sentence. As these could be typos, we have a rule that doesn’t accept single characters but has quite some antipatterns.

Running the rule, I get error matches for “i” in e.g. “Teresa Colom i Pich”. Is “i” a common part of names and should thus be ignored when in a name? “In a name” could be interpreted as: ignore the “i” when the right and left word are uppercase maybe?

"Teresa Colom i Pich” is a Catalan name. “i” is a conjunction (“and” in English). Sometimes it is used between surnames.

In Spanish, the conjunction is “y” (ex. José Ortega y Gasset). So it seems reasonable to have a rule that marks most cases of “i” as possible errors. Possible exceptions: in upper-case, as a Roman numeral (Carlos I de España); or in enumerations: i., i) …

Thanks. These cases are already ignored it seems.