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Specify semantic information in custom dictionary

I’m implementing a custom user dictionary using UserConfig and userSpecificSpellerWords.

When I compare to Antidote spellchecker they propose the fine definition of the word.

Thanks to that, the word can be analysed by the spellchecker.

You can see a sample image here.

What is your point of view about this ? It is technically possible ?

I’m not sure I fully understand. Is the idea that the user can provide all the inflected forms of a word before adding it to the dictionary, including part-of-speech information? LT keeps information like this in added.txt (the name comes from the fact that most data is in a binary dictionary add the file only keeps the manually added terms) and you could add words there and restart LT.

The idea is you could add dynamically these information in custom dictionary “userSpecificSpellerWords”

For example, If the word is a feminine person the spellchecker could detect error.

Exemple : “Andrea (Female) était perdu.”

If Andrea is just a proper noun, you can’t detect error (It miss a “e” to “perdu” => perdue.
If Andrea is known as female, you know that perdu need to have a “e” => perdue

I am aware that it’s an advanced feature but when i have ideas like this, I prefer to share :wink: