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Spell check - Dynamic dictionary update

Hi team,

I would like to know if it is possible to add new words to LT’s dictionary dynamically and get it reflected in the response without restarting the LT service.

Please let me know.

Deepika D

If you’re adding the words to spelling.txt, a restart is needed. If you’re using the API, no restart is needed.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for your response.

Is there any operation in API that will update my list of words to the dictionary at runtime?
I checked and it had only two options

  1. Check a text
  2. Get the list of supported languages

If there is an operation in API that will ignore my list of words in spell check at runtime, please let me know.

I am checking out for this option for quite long but no solution. It will be useful if you help me out with this.