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Spell Checker

Hi Daniel,
I found that LT’s spell checker propose suggestions for misspelled run-on words(eg.misspelled the word"a lot" to “alot”). Why don’t check the separate words(eg.misspelled the word “together” to “to gether”)?


Our spell checking is based on hunspell, which doesn’t have this feature. But feel free to add it to LT, it could be useful.

Thanks, please see new pull requests:

Please correct me!

and a new rule:

<rule id="RE_CENT" name="re cent(recent)">    
	   <message>Did you mean <suggestion>recent</suggestion>?</message>
	   <example correction=''>The country has so far not changed its <marker>re cent</marker> five-year plan.</example>
	   <example>The country has so far not changed its recent five-year plan.</example>

Thanks, I’ve added this.

<rule id="IN_NN_UN" name="in nn:un(nn:un)">    
				<token regexp='yes'>tomorrow|everywhere|nowadays|somewhere</token>
		<message>Did you mean <suggestion><match no="2" /></suggestion>?</message>
		<example correction=''>Let's meet in the station <marker>in tomorrow</marker> morning.</example>
		<example>Let's meet in the station tomorrow morning.</example>

Please try a Google search: if LT complains about “in tomorrow” it will produce quite some false alarms.

Spell Checker:

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