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Spell Checker

(Mility) #1

Hi Daniel,
I found that LT’s spell checker propose suggestions for misspelled run-on words(eg.misspelled the word"a lot" to “alot”). Why don’t check the separate words(eg.misspelled the word “together” to “to gether”)?


(Daniel Naber) #2

Our spell checking is based on hunspell, which doesn’t have this feature. But feel free to add it to LT, it could be useful.

(Mility) #3

Thanks, please see new pull requests:

Please correct me!

(Mility) #4

and a new rule:

<rule id="RE_CENT" name="re cent(recent)">    
	   <message>Did you mean <suggestion>recent</suggestion>?</message>
	   <example correction=''>The country has so far not changed its <marker>re cent</marker> five-year plan.</example>
	   <example>The country has so far not changed its recent five-year plan.</example>

(Daniel Naber) #5

Thanks, I’ve added this.

(Mility) #6
<rule id="IN_NN_UN" name="in nn:un(nn:un)">    
				<token regexp='yes'>tomorrow|everywhere|nowadays|somewhere</token>
		<message>Did you mean <suggestion><match no="2" /></suggestion>?</message>
		<example correction=''>Let's meet in the station <marker>in tomorrow</marker> morning.</example>
		<example>Let's meet in the station tomorrow morning.</example>

(Daniel Naber) #7

Please try a Google search: if LT complains about “in tomorrow” it will produce quite some false alarms.

(pamada) #8

Spell Checker:

I am to learning Chinese in Hanbridge Mandarin school now, my native language is English, if you need, we can exchange learning.

(Mility) #9

I am very happy to contact you to further exchanges. My