Spellcheck doesn't work in Chrome

Im using latest Chrome build with your extension.
It repeatedly doesn’t catch the most basic spelling errors.

In fairness, Ive noticed a significant decline in spellcheck ability across all platforms over the past few years. Grammarly exhibits similar behavior as does Google Chrome’s native spellcheck and even the one on my Samsung phone. In fact, the main reason I switched from Grammarly and am now trying LanguageTool is that Grammarly was remembering all my typos and offering them as corrections. Due to this it became unuseable.

Im posting here in hopes that LanguageTool may be able to solve this issue and I can finally use a spellchecker that works.

While the grammar functions that LanguageTool and other providers offer are useful at times, I find that 98% of my daily tasks are made easier with a spellchecker. It is rare I need help with grammar, but having a program catch my typos speeds up my workflow substantially.

Thanks for the report. On which page does this happen? We’ll try to reproduce the issue there.

Hi, thanks for your response. Unfortunately I’m not going to able to be much help. This particular instance, where I took the photo, was just on a general text field where I was submitting some writing, but it’s on a site I have to login, so that particular page wouldn’t be publicly accessible.

I mainly posted just to highlight that this sort of thing has been happening a lot more recently (over the last few years) almost everywhere I post, whereas, some of the more basic spellcheck from years ago used to underline anything and everything that was remotely spelled wrong. Both LanguageTool and Grammarly and now even the Chrome integrated spell check are hit-and-miss as far as identifying misspelled words. I tend to write a lot as part of my job so this trend has become highly noticeable to me. I mostly posted this image to highlight that fact.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help, as I understand that, technically, without being able to reproduce the same conditions it’s difficult to assess what may have interfered with its intended working.