Standalone version can not work with local IPv4 address

I have installed the standalone version and used localhost:8031 ... address in my browers to test it (just as how the document has described). It works properly.

But when I changed the address localhost:8031 to ( is my local IPv4 adress), the test failed and I could not use language tool server in all
my applications (Obsidain and so on). It confused me a lot and I’m asking for help sincerely.

By the way, before I found this problem, I first failed to use other computer to access the checking function of the computer running language tool server. I was debugging step by step and finally found the local ipv4 address could not work.

What command do you use to start LT? Does it help if you add --public as an option on the command line?

I used ·java -cp languagetool-server.jar org.languagetool.server.HTTPServer --port 8031 --allow-origin --public· to start LT. It still could not work

Sorry for my mistake for the last reply. It works now after I add --public. I just misspelled my ip adress. Thank you!