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Strange characters again

Hello Daniel or anyone who can help me

I have just loaded a txt file saved in UTF8 format and where the text has French accents (names that I must keep), I have strange characters in LT

Ok, I know this is an encoding problem, but I’m as sick as a parrot to have yet another one (continual problem with numerous software) and I have not got the energy to search for a solution except on this forum

All the more so as when I copy the text from the file directly into LT, (copy and paste), the problem disappears (together with the bom problem at the beginning of the text

Thanks in advance for your help

LT will always assume the file is in the system’s default encoding. That is, if you’re on Windows, which doesn’t use UTF-8 as a system encoding, you cannot properly load UTF-8 files with LT.

Hello Daniel

thanks for trying to help me

But whatever the encoding of my system (and that remains a mystery to me), I assume it recognises
French accents as it can produce and read them

So when making a text file for LT (cos it doesn’t like docx either), what encoding should I use please?

Will the ‘right’ coding make this problem go away?


PS You can contact me by email if you wish to speak about MemoQ and the grammar checker. Did you contact them?

I think the system encoding on Windows is CP-1252.