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Suggestion for change of LanguageTool architecture

Hello LanguageTool Team,

We are using Language tool in our company to do style and grammar check on our writings in multiple languages. To give a little background, we developed some rules that are specific to the problems appearing in our text, in a particular language. As we think the rules we developed will not be beneficial for the overall Language Tool project, we didn’t push our rules in the open-source project.
The problem we are facing comes with each update of the Language Tool, as we have to invest a lot of time in doing the update along with our own rules. We were thinking if it is possible to change the Language tool structure into a “Plug-in Architecture”, where the updates of core system and rules are delt separately. So with each update of Language Tool we can add our rules as a Plugin to the server. The main goal is to separate the rules from the server.

We know we are not the only ones dealing with this situation, so if someone has a solution or we can start a discussion on it with Languagetool developers. It would be very helpful.

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This approach might be a viable alternative: Tips and Tricks | - it still requires making changes with each update, but these changes are then limited to a few lines in the grammarl.xml.

Our rules are made in JAVA and mostly extends TextLevelRule class

Hi @dnaber

For some of our Rules we are using another service to get the dependency information about the text and because of this we are unable to develop them in XML and have to opt for JAVA rules.

Current architecture of adding Rules is not easy to maintain with each update that is why we want to propose a architecture change in the core project.