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Suggestions: is there a log or a way to save it in a .txt file?

Hello all,
after activating suggestions based on my french dictionary, I would like to save the results of the command line:

Expected text language: French
1.) Line 1, column 2, Rule ID: MORFOLOGIK_RULE_FR_FR
Message: Faute de frappe possible trouvée
Suggestion: chemise; chemisé; chemine; cheminé; chemisa; chemiser; chemises; chemisez; chemisée; chemisés

Time: 155ms for 1 sentences (6.5 sentences/sec)

in a log file such a .txt file in order to manipulate suggestions and choose the best for me. Is it something already taken into account in LT or is there a way to do this?

LT cannot do this, but any output in a shell can be redirected like this:

java -jar languagetool-commandline.jar >log.txt

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