Support for Linux via ibus-typing-booster

My question is about supporting LanguageTool system-wide for Linux.

I read this post where it is stated that the Windows app is currently rewritten to probably support LanguageTool system-wide.

In this very old post it was said that the problem of supporting LanguageTool system-wide for Linux is also due to the problem that the context while writing must be taken into account.

Consequently, I wanted to point to the ibus-typing-booster application, which is exactly doing this for Linux: taking the context into account while writing. This app offers autocompletion system-wide for Linux based on the context and is constantly being improved already for several years now.

I would really appreciate it if there are plans to support LanguageTool for Linux system wide. I can imagine that there are some synergies between supporting Mac, Linux and Android since those are all UNIX systems. Moreover, the ibus-typing-booster app already implements the foundation which is probably very usefull LanguageTool, as well. The ibus app is only for auto completion but LanguageTool could offer all those other nice features on top of it.

And last, since LanguageTool is an open source solution with a imho well designed financial concept, it is also popular for Linux users like me, which are supporting LanguageTool by paing for the Premium Version.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: