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Support new language to LanguageTool

Hi everyone,
I’m not a software developer, but I am willing to write XML rules for a new language, please help me set up the new language.

Hi Alex, what language would you like to add? I suggest you start with an existing language, remove the rules from its grammar.xml file and add your new rules there. Thus, no programming is required. Once we see that works, we can add the new languages.

How to write rules is documented at

Dear Daniel,

Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I’d like to add Korean. Firstly, I’ll start with an existing language, may be English, lol… Will you help me to set up a new project for Korean?

Best regards,

You can paste some Korean text into, and see what happens: the analysis will be wrong, but as words are separated by spaces in Korean, it should recognize the words. So you can indeed use the English grammar.xml to add rules for Korean (after deleting all the English rules). In a first step, you can use words and regular expressions, you cannot yet refer to the words’ part-of-speech. Still, I’d suggest to start like that, as it requires no setup at all, just download LT and edit en/grammar.xml.

Once that works, we can think about how to activate part-of-speech analysis. We need either a dictionary for that or an existing Open Source library that can do this already.

I think I can do that, thanks so much.

Dear Daniel,

How can I have Korean flag

Thanks for your help,
Best regards,