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SVN update impossible?

Again, I am not able to update the Dutch grammar file using SVN, due to some issue with

svn: E145001: Node ‘/media/ruud/data2/SVN/languagetool/trunk/languagetool-language-modules/sr/src/main/resources/org/languagetool/resource/sr/dictionary/ekavian/’ has unexpectedly changed kind

I hate this kind of technical issues, especially when not caused in my own language.

Any suggestions? SVN was updated fully…

We had a symbolic link in the repo, which I have removed to avoid problems. The easiest solution is probably to remove the Serbian dictionary and do another update. I’m not 100% sure, but I think subversion re-downloads the deleted files.

(some background)

It helped. Thanks. I don’t understand the magic of the background, but it worked.

I think you reverted @Robin’s recent changes, probably accidentally. See the diff at - please let me know if you want me to undo that (and still keep your new rule).

I think I did. But how should I be aware something changed at all? I am glad someone else is contributing, But i would be glad to be aware of the changes. Some of the changes are just suggestions to change the case treatment, some are changing the rule is a way I think is wrong.

And once again, I don’t see the logic in the tools…

I have restored Robin’s changes and added your rule now. SVN should warn you about other user’s changes, but I’m not familiar enough with it to say exactly how it does. If you make an update just before you make your changes, you minimize the chance for conflicts.

You will never know if anyone is working in the file. SVN creates a ‘copy’ of the repository, just like GIT does (I guess), but does not build. So there is no real link between the downloaded structure I can work in, and the SVN local repository.

Apparently, it is not the way programmers work. But the programmers working set is not workable for me at all, too much tools and complexity.
I whish it were a simple online tool, where one could edit rules in a wiki-like way, have it run tests, see the results. Edit data elements and files where possible and applicable.

You don’t have to - just tell SVN to update and it will get the latest version with other users’ changes. Then do your changes and commit them. In case someone made changes after your update, svn will either merge them automatically or give you a warning if that’s not possible. (I don’t know why that didn’t work with Robin’s changes.)

You can also edit the grammar.xml online here.

By the way, I don’t receive the corrected file using SVN (or GIT)

The latest file is this one - you don’t get that when you update with svn? Does svn give any warnings? What svn software are you using?

No I did not get that one. Not with GIT as well. There were no message from plain Linux svn or GIT CLI. But I tried again, and it was updated. But again, Serbian was in the way.

I just copied that version, edited the ©omment line, to be sure things are in sync again.