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Tags in spelling.txt

I have made a small change so that # comments can now be used at the end of a line in de/spelling.txt. This can be used to set tags, e.g. for colloquial words or words from English. For a few items, I have done that, e.g.:

ächz #ugs

While this is not used yet, I suggest we start adding tags for new words now, as this information can be very useful later. For example, users might not want to have colloquial words in their dictionary.

Is there a way to set LT for warning for colloqialisms? Those are commonly undesired in formal texts.
Maybe separate rough styles, like government/formal, newspaper/books, scientific, informal?

You could write a rule. Currently, I don’t think there’s another way. spelling.txt only extends the hunspell dictionary, so filtering colloquial terms from spelling.txt would only filter out a fraction of those terms.

That is what I do. But the difference in word sets is enormous. In time, I might have a good look at it.