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Terminology checking

(Melanie Siegel) #1

Is it possible using LanguageTool to develop a terminology database with deprecated and preferred terms and check texts with it? We are working on resources for German “Leichte Sprache” (easy language), where I think such a database could be a useful thing to have.

(Mike Unwalla) #2

Yes, but you must write grammar rules to do the job.LanguageTool does not have a database in which to put your terms.

LanguageTool already has some rules for Leichte Sprache. In Text Language, select ‘German (Easy German)’,

(Melanie Siegel) #3

Yes, I know that LT has rules for Leichte Sprache. I am trying to find students to work on these and extend the resources.
Terminology in grammar rules is very inefficient. If we could at least include a simple table with deprecated terms and their preferred counterparts, that would help a lot.

(Ruud Baars) #4

MY idea completely. I think a table having
would be a great extension. The word would trigger a rule, the ‘label’ would create a text around the ‘alternative’.
It need some code however…