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Test: human proofreading


if your browser is set to English, you may see a “Proofread by an Expert” button on This is a test to see if our users are interested in human proofreading. The test will probably run for at least a week. If it works well, we might extend it to other languages.

If you don’t see this button and want to give it a try, visit and then (this will set a cookie so you’re in the test group, no matter what language your browser is set to).

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I am in the UK. With Internet Explorer, I see the button. With FireFox (54.0.1), I don’t see the button,

Have you visited before visiting the homepage with Firefox?

If if open and then go to the home page, then I can see the button.

But, most people who use LT don’t know about Thus, some people won’t see the proofreading button. Possibly, that is by design. But, I wanted to tell the LT team so that they know the button doesn’t always appear.

It’s a test, so only 50% of the people will see the button. This way we can compare how users use the site with or without the button.