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Testers wanted for update of Firefox add-on

We have made some extensive internal changes to the Firefox add-on to make it waste less CPU time. As this might introduce new bugs, please help us test the new version of the add-on:

  1. Deactivate or uninstall the existing LanguageTool add-on first, if you’re using it
  2. Download this file: grammatik_und_rechtschreibprufung_languagetool-2.0.21-fx.xpi (390 KB)
  3. Enter about:debugging in the browser’s address bar
  4. Click “Load temporary add-on…”
  5. Select the downloaded file
  6. Use the add-on for your daily tasks
  7. Report any issues here or via the integrated feedback link (which simply sends an email)

Please note: Due to a limitation in Firefox, the add-on will be gone when you restart Firefox. This is due to the development mode, the final add-on will not have that issue.

Typing is not noticablys delayed. When scrolling, the underlines stick with the text. Those are 2 improvements I noticed immediately. But somehow, not all errors lead to an underline. Check the 4th word in this text; it is clearly wrong; the error is in the (1) icon down below, but the error is not underlined. At least not visibly, but there is a pop-up when you click on it. So not all is well…

When I type Typing is not noticablys delayed. here in the forum, the error gets underlined. So can you reproduce that issue every time you type that sentence?

The problem was that the regular plug-in was somehow not successfully uninstalled. Now it works as expected. I will do some more tests, but not before jan 3rd. Strange thing is: now ‘not’ has been underlined, but the pop-up is about ‘jan’. Same for ‘up’. Weird.

The selected language is English (British). After I click the ‘cog’ icon on the LanguageTool pop-up, I see a list of disabled rules:

The disabled rules include German rules. Shouldn’t the list show only the disabled rules for the selected language?

Possibly, localize the ‘success’ message. ‘Yay’ as in “Yay, no errors found!” is not standard British English.

Yes, I’ll make an issue about this.

Just installed this and taking part now. I was being bugged on Firefox with the standard stable version with issues of slow and laggy Firefox. I am guessing it has something to do with the issue of syncing text content while it is written with the service itself. Will report back with issues and or if this solved it. Thank you in advance!

@dnaber I was able to track the sluggish behavior and record it, in case you are interested. As a new user I am unable to upload files however. Not sure if a Video Demo is helpful or if its something you already know. Just let me know if you are interested in the video.


Thanks, we’re very much interested in it. Please email it to my address given at We’ll also need to know your operating system, browser, browser version, and the website you’re using it on (if not visible from the video).

@eerlewein We have made some optimizations to the latest version (2.1.1). Does that already help? You should have received the update to 2.1.1 automatically already (if that’s not the case, it should happen soon).