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Testing new browser add-on

Hi, I’d like everyone to test a beta version of our browser add-on. The major change is that it now shows a small icon in every text area you’re typing it, to remind you that LT is there to check your text:

It doesn’t check text automatically, but only when you click the blue icon. Please give it a try and provide feedback.

UPDATE 2: the version of the beta add-on has been updated 2017-09-27 at 11:26 CEST (now at version 1.0.26):

For Firefox - download, then go to about:debugging, then drag’n’drop the file to the browser window (deactivate or deinstall any existing version of the LT add-on first):

For Chrome - download, then got to chrome://extensions/ and drag’n’drop this file there to install it (deactivate or deinstall any existing version of the LT add-on first):

Tested in Firefox.

During installation: “* Access your data for all websites”. If LT controls the text, change it to say what you mean. I don’t understand “access you data for all websites”. It seems as if I give LT permission to take my data for all websites that I visit (whatever that means).

To use use the add-on, the user must accept: “This extension will check your text by sending it to over an encrypted connection. Your text will not be stored. For details, see our privacy policy.
Continue and don’t ask again
Add an option: Continue and also ask next time

Enhancement: Let users move the message box.
Enhancement: Keep the message box on top of the web page.

The X to close the message box is not clear:

“Text checked remotely by” opens a new tab, but the tab is empty.

The icon ‘Disable for this domain’ is not always visible:

This is not our text. It comes from Firefox, it’s the standard text for the permission we request.

That’s by design - to save screen space, it only appears when you hover over the blue icon.

Thanks for testing, I’ve added the other ideas/issues to my TODO list.

I’ve posted an update by editing the original post, could you try again? Many of the bugs found should be fixed.

Confirmed: many bugs fixed.

When I uninstalled the previous version, This text was in the message:
…Please email the developer if there was a problem.
…without installing anything on our homepage.

Be explicit. I suggest that you change the text ‘developer’ to ‘’. Change ‘our homepage’ to ‘’.

I’ve made a (hopefully) final update to the original post with yet another update, could you test again?

The icon does not appear in the Facebook status edit field:

That’s actually on purpose because we can check the text, but we cannot apply suggestion on Facebook, it would mess up the editing field.

The new version has now been added to the Chrome store, please give it a try. We’re testing the new version with 20% of the users, so you might get the new version as an update yet or not. To make sure you get it, uninstall the old version and install the current version linked above.

The Firefox version will follow a bit later.

Add-on version 1.0.26 in Firefox 55.0.3. The icon does not scroll with the text box:

Is that a public website so I can test it?

Sorry, I forgot to write that it was a Survyemonkey page ( The page I was on is not publicly accessible

Can you say how to get to that page? I have a surveymonkey account.

I will ask for permission to send you a link to the page. (Edit: I got permission and sent you a personal e-mail).

I wonder if we can insert our icon in the place where I put the red X on Facebook?

I work with the add-on for some time now and haven’t had any issues with it. In my opinion it could be officially released soon.

Hi, love the extension as i have dyslexia, so cheers for the work.

I have tried
LanguageTool - Grammar and Style Checker 1.0.25
LanguageTool BETA - Grammar and Style Checker 1.0.26

But with both the new blue button in the bottom right of the text field just brings up a blank white box with no content at all, this is the case on all web sites. I can inspect the frame and see it has css,js & html but for some reason nothing shows. However the top right icon brings up the box fine.

Many thx.

Im using linux mint 18.1 plasma 5.8.5 Vivaldi 1.12.955.38


Sorry, we can only support Firefox and Chrome.

Ok, Thats a pity but thank you.