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Testing weblate as a transifex replacement

I’m going to run a test to see whether we can switch from Transifex to Weblate for translating the LT user interfaces. This will take some time, as I have to wait for a weblate account to be created. The main advantages of weblate are:

  • It’s integrated with git so that any change immediately appears in the weblate web frontend, and any change made in weblate can also be pushed back directly to the LT source. With Transifex, just getting new or modified strings takes up to 24 hours, and the results need to be played back by calling a script manually.
  • It’s open Source

I’ll keep you informed when there are news.


Unfortunately, it turns out that Webldate doesn’t yet support the JSON format used by our Webextension (see issue). So we could only move a part of the translations to Weblate, and I’m not sure if that makes sense.