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Text on

It states:

LanguageTool finds many errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect and several grammar problems.

But these are not all errors or problems. Some are just ‘issues’, pieces of text to think about.

personally I think problem vs issue is merely semantics (‘issue’ can be seen as a synonym for ‘minor problem’)

I must say I really don’t like the whole sentence… maybe someone (a native speaker?) can come up with a better one?

The way it is phrased implies that LT is an advanced spellchecker, and that grammar checking is an afterthought. From my standpoint it is actually the other way around, even though it does a quite great job spellchecking, if compared with most common alternatives.

I also do agree with Ruud_Baars on this. Some rules are just style or typography related, not necessarily problems. Some rules are just useful in specific contexts (e.g. creative or formal writing, translations, etc.).

Idea: “LanguageTool is a Grammar Analysis Aid.”

Agreed. Maybe:
LanguageTool identifies many grammatical and stylistic errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect.


Thanks, we’re using that one now, but with “issues” instead of “errors”.


I suggest that the text is merged with the headline, thus:

LanguageTool is proofreading software for more than 20 languages. It finds grammar errors, spelling errors, and bad style.


‘Service’ implies software-as-a-service (SaaS), but LT is available as a download.

A ‘simple spell checker’ cannot find the errors that LT finds. Can an ‘advanced spell checker’ find the problems? Why mention spell checkers?

I think that the input box should be smaller, so users immediately see that downloads are available.