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Textstudio Error

I use language tool on text studio. Here are the lits of problems I’ve found, I wonder how to fix them:

1- Language tool categorize all problems as “grammarMistake”, so it uses the same gray (non-visible) underline for all the mistakes. You can definitely change the color to whatever you want in the “syntax highlighting -> grammarMistake” but as I said, all the mistakes are categorized as a grammar mistake, so changing the spelling mistake color does not affect it.

2- Since language tool 4.1, I have stability issues. It works, but it causes my SP 2017 to freeze for a couple of seconds almost every 30 minutes. Also, it eats the CPU time to time (java eats the whole CPU, every almost 30 minutes). I am not sure which side is the main problem, java or language tool or anything else. I’ve tested it on two different SP 2017.

Any help is really appreciated.

Issue 1 is something the TexStudio developers would need to deal with, I guess. Issue 2 is tricky to debug… you should first make sure Java has enough memory (e.g. -Xmx1000M when starting LT says it has 1 GB of RAM).