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The important function COPY does not work

The important function does not work. I select a message or short text and select copy* that copies all the text. In addition, please add a mini context menu ‘Copy’, but not Edit-> Copy, and add support for shortcuts. This tool should have this capability SELECT AND COPY (RIGHT CLICK MOUSE)!!!

Text information window at the bottom of "Checking in lang(…).

I’m not sure I understand - what text do you want to copy and where to, and how is this related to LanguageTool? Copy/Paste is already provided by the browser.

Which browser?!, I use the LT tool, and no other add-ons that are unnecessary to me. I can not copy select text eg. Komunikat:

Дефис вместо тире

Why do I copy an unlimited or a huge part of information, since I want to copy eg one, two words, etc.
And searching “MY EYES” in the huge text of a specific word always spoils only troubles!

Sorry, I still don’t understand what exactly your issue is or how it is related to LT. Is there any problem with your browser that did not exist when LT is turned off? If so, can you post a screenshot to explain?

In the v4.5 tool at the top, you paste the text, and at the bottom you get information if the text is correct. Next … You mark the text that the tool suggested for improvement. It’s just that you can not copy this text because copy funcion is not available.

not even with ctrl+c?

A copy or shortcut CTRL + C applies only to full text. And I want to copy only the selection. You really can not understand this ?!

I see the issue now. Select text in lower area of window, Ctrl-C, Paste in upper window -> all the text gets pasted, not just the selected text:

I have no idea why this is, though.

this was the first time you mentioned the actual problem instead of the ‘forest’ it stands in.