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The Materiel loop

If you wring materiel you’ll get a prompt saying the following.


However if you click the suggestion matériel is incorrect.


Thanks for reporting this. I have tried to fix this via
Maybe @Mike_Unwalla can have a look because “materiel” could be a valid word, and we don’t need to suggest “matériel”

According to these references, ‘materiel’ is correct:

For AmE and BrE, both ‘materiel’ and ‘matériel’ are possible: (‘materiel’ is in an example)

Lexico (Oxford) and Longmann show only ‘matériel’:

Cambridge and Lexico suggest that the word is NN:U only, but LT has ‘materiels’ NNS. says that the word can be NNS

I think that we do not need to suggest it. But, if we don’t, then I suggest that you do these:

  • materiel;matériel to the coherency file.
  • Add postags for ‘matériel’ and ‘matériels’
  • Add materiel/s to the spelling file.

Thanks, Mike. I think the rule is good because it also catches possible confusions of “Material” vs “Materiel”. However, I will add postags, spelling and coherency.

Thanks for reporting this