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The problem with LibreOffice extension is:

It is so heavy that LibreOffice starts to evaporate my Laptop.

I think it should separate all other languages inside that package and keep English grammar package separate. I love the idea of this extension. Please, Don’t merge everything into one single item (at least for “English language” because it what 90% users want.).

But user like me can’t keep it using anymore. It overheats everything.
For now, I will be uninstalling this. I am gonna miss it.

(Let me know if I am wrong somewhere.)

Moving the other languages out of the extension won’t help. It would just make the download smaller, but not speed up LanguageTool.

Speeding up is not the problem. Over-heating is.
Now that the extension has been remove, the laptop isn’t crying anymore.

That’s not related to how many languages are in LT, though. Which version of LT and LO have you been using? Did you change the default configuration? How long are the documents you’re working with?

The latest one stable build of LibreOffice and latest extension of course (ver. 4.5.1)

Build ID: 1:6.2.2-0ubuntu0.18.10.1~lo1
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 4.18; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3;
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI-Language: en-US
Calc: threaded

Does the problem only appear with long documents? If so, how long are the documents you’re working with?

no, it’s not that long. I am solving 3 question paper in a single document. A paper in include 7 questions. And that not really big. The answer can be lengthy but not that lengthy than what fit in 16:9 ratio screen size (i.e 1 answer = 1 complete visible screen. Tops). That’s not that big.

Now the problem is what inside this extension, which makes LibreOffice make my fans move fast and hot. The extension is a part of something. It has to be as small as much as possible.

I don’t what “Grammarly” is doing. But I ran their extension on Windows, it was smooth. (I hope u know Grammarly. It is your big competitor.)

Problem is “Grammarly” is not in LibreOffice. So, I have only one big option 141 MB sized “Language Tool”. I don’t think size is the problem, but usually, it is. LibreOffice itself is Big. And if one extension which is bigger than LibreOffice which solve English, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Romanian, and a lot of other languages problem can be a problem.

I really think English should be separated. It’s a global language. I am Nepali from Nepal but I never have to type anything in Nepali. This situation is in a lot of countries.

(If I sound rude, I am sorry. (A newbie desperately trying to use Language tool extension but can’t really use.))

I understand your reasoning, but as Daniel has told you, the extra languages should not cause the overheating in your computer. So you can understand, a computer has several components that are used differently and react differently. Extra code for other languages occupies memory, which makes the download bigger and takes more space in your computer. Usually more code means more processing done by the CPU, there fore more heat. But, LanguageTool does not load the code from languages it does no uses, so there is no extra processing done, just for having those modules, therefore, no extra heating.

There are solutions to reduce processing, but they are very difficult, because they require optimizing the entire code, and they are tough problems to solve. It can also be done by simplifying a language, but it will become less useful and produce more mistakes.

The most likely reason for your overheating, is that your computer has the fans clogged. Another reason is that Linux has worst component management than Windows. I don’t say this to publicize, since I also use and prefer Linux, but I had already two computers in repairs due to overheating caused by the migration to Linux and its poor driver support - specially GPU drivers.

So, to clarify, would you request to reduce LT complexity and, therefore, its usefulness?

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What is the amount of memory in the laptop? I use LO and LT on the laptop, and there is no heating problem whatsoever.

The amount of extra memory (actually disk space) is negligible in comparison with the rest of the program.
Your laptop does better probably because it has better Linux drivers for that system, or it has a lower voltage and more efficient CPU, or even an effective cooling system.
The difference in your systems only reinforces what has been said previously.

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a very satisfying answer. Good. I think I understand now. Thanks, Tiago.


Linux has the worst component management than Windows.

is a pretty bold statement. (Maybe it’s true. I will do some research on that and might put ur statement in Reddit to get devs/geeks insight. There will be harsh comments though.)

Well, 8 Gig of RAM, Intel i5 processor, Intel Graphics. Is that not enough?!
(I know its not latest processor, but considering normal day-to-day operation, what i have should be enough.)

Can you provide the document that causes the problem? If you can’t, can you reproduce with a different document and provide that? Also, please make sure you’re using the default settings by moving ~/.languagetool.cfg somewhere else and restarting LibreOffice to see if the issue still occurs.

:slight_smile: No problem for me - I don’t get into a good controversy for awhile -, but please, correct my grammar from ‘worst’ to ‘worse’ and don’t forget to include the ‘specially GPU drivers’. This is not a critic to the community whatsoever. They do an amazing job figuring out the functions and the way to manage black boxes. But “black boxes will be black boxes”.