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The Ukrainian language (coherence evaluation)

I’m a postgraduate student that is working on the topic of the coherence evaluation of Ukrainian texts using machine learning techniques. The coherence of a text implies its thematic integrity, an ability of a text to convey its communication purpose to a reader. A coherent text is easier to read and understand. The example of coherent and incoherent documents is shown below.
The measurement of the coherence of a text is utilized during text generation. Moreover, an incoherent speech can indicate the first symptoms of mental illness.
I’d like to find out whether this direction is interesting for you. I’m interested in the implementation of research results in order to prove the practical meaning of this investigation. Below I provide you with links for corresponding works. Some of the works aren’t available for free access due to journal restrictions. In the case of need, I can share them privately. It should be mentioned that the Transformer-based approach outperforms others. The corresponding pre-trained model is available at PyPi:

Hi Artem

I am the maintainer of Ukrainian module in LT and would be interested in trying coherence evaluation.
You can message me privately and we can discuss how we can approach this.


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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a button/icon on how to message privately. Could you please write me in a private message?