The working pannel is frozen

Good day
Using this tool, the working panel was frozen (stuck). I couldn’t do anything with it. Also, I have deleted tool and activate again, but frozen panel is appeared again. And this panel is also displayed for my colleagues, I mean that problem with this document now displayed for all people who have access to document and use tool. What should we do?

I can provide additional information If you need

Could you please provide a screenshot? I’m not sure how you’re using LT (e.g. as an add-on?) and what you mean by “working panel”.

This panel, I couldn’t close it and do something with it

Sorry about the bug - is there a way for us to reproduce this issue? So far, we have not heard of other users having the same issue, so in order to fix it, we’d need to reproduce it (e.g. by having access to that website).