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This resource has hundreds if not thousands of examples

The latest entries I added to this forum were all pulled from the book “The Dictionary of Worthless Words: 3,000 Words to Stop Using Now” by “Dave Dowling”. There are hundreds if not thousands of incredibly useful examples in this book that would be a great addition to languagetool. I began adding them individually but the task appears daunting and tedious. If somebody knows an easier method or would like to help me in processing the entries please let me know.

Possibly, you can partly automate the task if you get the source data from the author.

If the source data is in some structured format or if styles are used correctly, then you can probably convert the data to LT’s XML format.

I looked at the first chapter of the book ( Many of the entries for a keyword have the same structure.

For example, look at the keyword ‘abundantly’. The keyword is bold. Next is a line of text. The next line is an example that is in italics. The word ‘abundantly’ is in italics and is struck through. Possibly, a combination of macros and regular expressions will let you get that data and put it into XML.