Thunderbird Beta & Daily support

Really Good add-on ! You made a great tool and are improving it well, thanks !

But, as I test every day Thunderbird, I would like a version/setting change to use it with Thunderbird Daily & Beta (even with a warning message) :wink: Could be a LT beta channel.
It works fine with Firefox Nightly

Is there something possible ?

Thank you,

Thunderbird blocks add-ons unless they specify to work with a specific version of TB. We’ve submitted an update that will work with TB up to version 109, but we have to wait for it to be reviewed.

The latest release is now available at Grammar and Spell Checker — LanguageTool :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

Thanks for doing that ! :slight_smile:

TB Daily increased it version number, and so LT do not work anymore.
I don’t have such kind of problem while using Firefox Nightly : there might be a better solution than the one you previously implemented.

Could you again do something, please ?

Could you please try again? I’ve tried another way of setting the maximum version number. It should be * now, so that the LT add-on is supposed to work with any new version of TB.