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"Timor-leste" marked as incorrect

Language tool tried to correct Timor-leste and Timor-Leste to Timorese when they are two different things. Timorese being the name for the people of the island (one which is shared with Indonesia), and the former being a country.


I have just added it to the British speller:
48190) Timor-Leste (+'s - name - Wikipedia)

But it will only be available at the end of December because every three months (new LanguageTool release) the spellers are updated, and this month will have an official release of LanguageTool.


As a quick fix to all English spellers, could you add:

To the list of words not in spellers? I can’t remember the filename, but if you tell me I will add it myself.

Thank you.

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@marcoagpinto, done (

Mike, thanks!