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TinyMCE plugin inserts HTML tags

(Nicolas Ferrari) #1


I’m currently integrating LanguageTool to a custom textarea, following this documentation:

However, the text produced by the plugin contains some

tags. I’d like to get rid of this so my text would not be altered at all.

Is there any option while initializing the plugin? Can someone maybe point me to the responsible code?

Thank you.

(Nicolas Ferrari) #2

In fact this is normal since TinyMCE is a HTML editor. However I just want to use it for the LanguageTool integration, not to produce HTML.

I found this TinyMCE setting but it does not change anything:

So my new question is: what is the TinyMCE version used on

Thank you.

(Nicolas Ferrari) #3

I found it: TinyMCE version used is 3.5.6. Thus the cleanup option is not available anymore.
I guess then LanguageTool integration on a textarea can only be done with HTML cleanup.