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Translation of "Another replacement, replace with, report as a false alarm"

Hello, I don’t find how to translate the strings “Another replacement”, “replace with”, “report as a false alarm”.

It should be something like

languagetool_i18n_no_errors : {
// “No errors were found.”:
“de-DE”: “Keine Fehler gefunden.”,

The missing part is “no_errors” - for example - for the 3 strings!

Hi, what website are you trying to translate, Or do you want to integrate LT into your own website?

Hello Daniel and thanks for your answer!

I’m trying to integrate, but those string aren’t in the script provided here:

Please try setting these in the same way languagetool_i18n_no_errors is set and let us know whether that works:

languagetool_i18n_other_suggestion -> “(another replacement)”
languagetool_i18n_other_replace_by -> “Replace with…”
languagetool_i18n_track_false_alarm_menu -> “Report as false alarm…”

Fantastic, thanks a lot Daniel!