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I managed to get into Transifex again, to check translations. I am having trouble fixing these:

Please delete empty line below and use formating instead
(I think just formating is not clear enough. What should be done?)

Check Number of paragraphs surround sentence (1 - 99):
Unclear: maybe better: Number of paragraphs to check around current sentence (?)

Check only the sentence containing paragraph (fastest)
Maybe better: Check only the paragraph containing this sentence

Seems like I will have to rebuild LT for every confusion rule? If that is the case, I will have to let this pass for someone with better java skills.
I supposed it would all be just data alterations.

I do program a little every now and then, but mastering the LT programming environment has proven to be out of my league.

I don’t think so, but what confusion rule exactly are you referring to, i.e. which file are you editing?

I was reading the documentation by gulp on the AI implementation of confusion rules. It looked promising to me, until I read I have to edit the code once (okay, someone could do that for me), and after that, rebuild LT for every confusion rule to implement.
I am not able to do a rebuild because of the complexity of the development environment. I guess I am the eldest contributor (aged 60).