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Translations needed for browser add-on

Hi, I’m currently working on the browser add-on, and we get new or modified text strings rather often. It would be nice if you could translate them regularly at


Hi, we really need help to translate especially French and Spanish on a regular basis. Who’s willing to commit to this? It’s really not much work, usually just some sentences.

I use LanguageTool regularly, so it’s time to give back to the project. :slight_smile: I can help with Spanish, my native language.

Great! Please sign up at transifex and request to join our project. Please send me a reminder here once you have requested access so I can give you the permissions you’ll need.

Thanks @dnaber, I already did! In fact, yesterday I translated several sentences of the add-on, I hope I did it in the right place. By the way, is there a document with some guidelines for translators or something like that? Thanks!

Thanks, I’ve seen the translations, they are part of version 1.0.32, just released for Chrome (Firefox will follow). There’s no guideline for translators, please let us know if you have any questions.