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Trouble with EnglishChunker

Hi Daniel,
Today, I added a new rule below:

<rule id="B_NP_SINGULAR_AND_B_NP_SINGULAR_VBZ" name="singular and singular vbz(vbp)">    
			<token chunk="B-NP-singular" />
			<token chunk="E-NP-singular" />
			<token chunk="B-NP-singular" />
			<token chunk="E-NP-singular" />
				<token postag='VBZ'></token>
		<message>Compound subjects joined by and are always plural: <suggestion><match no="6" postag="VBP" /></suggestion></message>
		<short>Subject-Verb Agreement</short>
		<example correction=''>A pencil and an eraser <marker>makes</marker> writing easier.</example>
		<example>A pencil and an eraser make writing easier.</example>

When I added it in my grammar.xml, it’s doesn’t work, and I found the “an eraser” in ruleEditor2 is chunked as below(red box inside):


but in my standalone version, the opennlp tool has updated to Apache OpenNLP 1.6.0, it changed to
this(below red box inside)?

so I have trouble with EnglishChunker, I want to know why they are different.


I cannot reproduce that with the latest version it git, i.e. I always get singular. Please try the very latest version in git.

Thanks, when I used this:
it turn to right, and this rule could be added in the grammar.xml.