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I’m new here, but I want to improve a Turkish version of Language Tool! When will Turkish be added? I’ll be waiting to help!

Hi boracasli, we’d be happy to support Turkish, we just need someone to add rules and test them. There’s an old version of LanguageTool with support for Turkish at, so a first step might be to port the rules from the old version to the current version of LT.

There’s an introduction at As you cannot yet select “Turkish” in LT, you could try out those rules by adding them to the “grammar.xml” file of some other language as a test.

Could you tell us more about your background, are you a developer? Have you worked with XML?

I’m just 16 years old, I programmed software when I was younger. But I’m not a developer now, and I can’t work with XML. Thanks.

You could take a look at to create new rules. Even though it doesn’t let you select Turkish as a language, you could still write Turkish rules (although not ones that refer to words’ part-of-speech tags like “noun” etc.). This online editor doesn’t require knowledge of XML. On the other hand, XML is easy to learn anyway (and only very advanced rules require real programming knowledge).

I was looking for Turkish language support and ended up here. Was wondering if this has been done yet?

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any efforts to add support for Turkish to LT.