Typo warning using English with Korean

While editing English with Korean in IntelliJ IDEA, it warns typo errors.

  1. Affix issue
    The Korean affix invokes error. Can it be ignored?
    Here are examples
    “type에 맞지 않다.”
    → ‘에’ is affix.
    “fields를 가지고 있을 경우”
    ‘를’ is affix.
    When it comes to Japanese, it’s ignored, not a typo.

  2. English and Korean with no space
    Example) “안녕Hello”, “modern모던”
    When Korean and English characters are next to each other without space, it is detected as typo.
    It’s not error in Chinese and Japanese.

How can I fix these issues?
I forked LT repository and made Korean language for maven.
I read the Readme file and how to write Rules, but I couldn’t find how to set some format of text is not incorrect.

ignore.txt in Spell checking seems working word by word. unable to edit like regex.

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I think you’ll need to debug EnglishWordTokenizer. It’s indeed strange that ends up being part of an English word.

Yes, that’s by design, it doesn’t support regex.

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This change in the English word tokenizer will probably solve this issue: [en] improve word tokenizer by jaumeortola · Pull Request #10427 · languagetool-org/languagetool · GitHub

We need to make a regression test before merging the PR.