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Typos in the website for the portuguese version

Hello everyone

I would like to point out some typos I found in the website

The highlighted verb is wrong, because the pronoun “o” refers to the third person. The correct way is “ajuda-te” instead of “ajuda-o”.
The highlighted verb musn’t be in the infinitive form. The correct way is “Mostra” instead of “Mostrar”.
In the page and in the pages that are nested to it there is a typo . The highlighted verb is download in english, but in the portuguese version it doesn’t mean that. The correct translation is “baixe-o” instead of “descarregue-o”.

Thank you Fred. Those are differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese.
This project was mostly done by Europeans so, pt standards are for European Portuguese. In this case, the polite treatment for unknown people is to use the ‘você’ that agrees in the third person, as well as the infinitives.
Anyway, these type of review is what is needed.

Again, pt-PT vs pt-BR. All good here, but this is a situation that can apply within Languagetool message system, and that as caused in the past rule duplication. This is why I suggested the automated word translator for language variants.
I believe that there is only one Portuguese version of the development site. Since this has secondary use, and it is meant to assist contibuters, I would say that this section is of least concern.
The main website has two versions. You can check for general Portuguese typos on or fix normative typos on, where there is immediate need for assistance:

Please refer to: for examples.

Ok! In this case the only suggestion I found regarding the main website pt-BR is using the imperative tense instead of the infinitive tense in the Download section. Instead of “Baixar” the most usual way would be “Baixe” for us.

Many thanks!

I also searched for the typo that was reported on git (‘varificar’), but I couldn’t find it, either on the website nor on the standalonetool. If you use the other tools, can you confirm where this occurs?

Sorry Tiago, I couldn’t find it either

Ok.Maybe it has already been fix in the translation platform. I’ll close the issue for now.
If you find typos (especially in the options menu and rules names, tell me and I’ll fix them. Alternatively, you can test the basic git editing tool, once you register there.