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UK English versus US English (Trados Studio 2019)

I’m using TRADOS SDL Studio 2019 and the LanguageTool add-in. At first sight, it seems to be a very powerful tool. However, I’m having a spot of bother with its questioning of UK English versus US English, and more specifically where the Oxford Dictionary questions my UK spelling of words that can either contain an ‘S’ or a ‘Z’.

Examples: realise, individualise, or cicatrisation.

I would like to suggest/request that there be a rule that ignores ‘potential alternatives’ and adheres strictly to conventional (not contemporary) UK spelling.

I know that for short documents, I can simply ignore the ‘ize’ versus ‘ise’ messages, but for longer documents (I’m currently working on one of 25,000 words), there are literally hundreds of ‘error’ messages to ignore!!

What I might suggest is a means of uploading all US variant spellings to be ignored.

Any help is welcome!

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The conventional spelling is with z (refer to

If a rule is not useful, de-select the rule.

Michael, welcome to the LanguageTool forum.

If you identify a rule ID, you can enter it in the field Disabled Rules.


Here you can check the rules related to ize/ise spelling:

Remember to enter rule names separated by a comma without spaces.
OK - save settings only in active project
Save As User Settings - save setting in selected profile as your settings which will be applied for all future projects.