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Unable to get LangTool to work in Firefox

I keep getting the message, “Sorry, Google Docs site is not supported by this extension. Please install this extension instead, which is optimized for Google Docs.” I’ve done this, and every time I click on the “LT” icon I get the same message. What might be done to get the extension that is allegedly downloaded to work? I don’t get the editing popup window either.

You can’t check documents in Google Docs via browser add-on, for that you’ll have install Google Docs add-on from here:

I get the same frustrating message. In Google Chrome, it’s even worse: “Sorry, Google Chrome prevents extensions to access the Chrome Web Store. Strange, isn’t it?”

I know it must work, but I’m curious: HOW? I mean, I have a Word doc, and I can’t seem to get the LangTool dialogue window to open.

Also, when I attempt to use the icon button in, I get this message: “If you have just installed or (re-)activated this extension, please reload the tab first in which you want to check a text.” Following the direction only gets the same message.

When you have installed the Google Docs extension, there’s a “LanguageTool” item in the add-ons menu inside Google Docs.

Are you installing Google Docs add-on in Google Docs? E.g. like described here

Got it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I kept using the browser button after the Firefox install. I greatly appreciate your help and patience, Daniel Naber!