Unable to install Languagetool 6.0 extension on Openoffice 4.1.4

I’m trying to install the extension in Openoffice 4.1.4 in a Windows 10 Home 64 bits system with java 8 update 381 but I get an error (“an error occur while opening the file”) and . Which version of Java do I need 32 or 64 bits? In the Java website does not specify it.

Also I can’t uninstall the Languagetool 4.6 extension in Openoffice, it doesn’t find the file in my PC that needs to be deleted.
Many thanks for your help

you need to install the 32 Bit Java-Version for OpenOffice.
My tip is to use the newest Version of LibreOffice. LanguageTool offers only a limited range of functions for OpenOffice (only paragraph mode, no different colors for different kinds of matches, etc.). LibreOffice would work with the 64-Bit Java-Version