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Unexpected result (bug/)

All of the rules that detect 2 tags in a row, of which the first one should be a number, trigger on all examples with the second token. For example:

Deze dus volgens mij afdoppen.

Triggers the rule on ‘Deze’, which is the second tag. Apparently, there is an invisible tag at the start of the sentence, that is a number (has the tag ‘GET’)

Using the tagger from the command line shows this:

<S><S> Deze[deze/AVW:DZE] dus[dus/null] volgens[volgens/BNW:STL:ONV,volgens/VRZ] mij[mij/null] afdoppen[afdoppen/WKW:TGW:INF].[</S>]

What is wrong here?

The rule:

<rulegroup id="TAGS_GET-AVW_DZE" name="GET-AVW_DZE">
            <token postag="GET"/><token postag="AVW:DZE"/>
        <message>Deze woordcombinatie is statistisch ongebruikelijk. Het zou een fout kunnen zijn.</message>
        <example type="incorrect">QQ <marker>acht deze</marker> QQQ.</example>