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Update for website (rules and dict)

I have been polishing rules quiite a bit this week. I could not commit it though, since an update of the postag dictionary was needed to get the edited rules to work correctly. I added my own postag list to the one OpenTaal once made.
Could I submit it all before my holiday starts, in a few days, including the dictionaries? Or is there a different way to secure all edits?

By “could not commit”, do you mean you didn’t want to commit it because I said we should not update the dictionary more often than needed?

Actually, yes.

Depending on the size of the dictionary update: if it’s a large update, just commit it. It’s okay to commit changes to binary files, we just need to pay attention that it doesn’t happen every week or so. For smaller updates, could you instead add the changes to added.txt, and only add them to the binary dictionary once added.txt has grown to a few hundred or thousand entries?

So added.txt is an addition to the postag dictonary? Does it do the inverse search too?

It extends the binary dictionary. I don’t think it works for the synthesizer (ManualSynthesizer would need to be used for that, only Romanian does that so far).

Okay. I think I will accumulate all until in some days from now. That is easier, since there were deletions, lots of additions and some edits.